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Curriculum Vitae Antonia Mantzouka

antonia mantzouka

Antonia Mantzoyka been born in 1985 in Athens.

   From 2003 up to 2008 it became apprentice in the University of Fine Arts Athens with professors Ioannis Balabanidi, Michalis Manoysaki, Pano Charalampoys and Dafni Aggelidoy, from where graduate with Excellently. Her specialization concerned the painting and the mosaic, while watched also courses engraveable with professor Ms. Tzeni Markaki and ceramics with professor Mr. N.Mpamiatzogloy.

   She has participated in exhibitions in Greece and Abroad (Balkans, Europe, Mexico, Australia, N.York…) with Group UNESCO, and with Fine Arts Festival gaining rewards and praises for her artistic creations moreover, is active her attendance with donations of work for the aid of charitable organisms.

   The first exhibition was realized in September 2008 in the Museum of Natural History Petrified Forest in Lesvos Sigri. From September 2009 until 2010 realized postgraduate study in the Master of Artistic Creation, Research and Assiduity in the University of Barcelona with scholarship from the Institution Maria Kassimati, as well as Treatment via the Art while it at the same time allocates specialization in the Special Education. From 2010 works in the special education secondary education Ministry of Education and takes care of the illustration of children's fairy tales. She is member of Figurative Chamber Greece.

Artist's statement

   Ever since I started painting my guide for this irresolute journey was and always will be the human. Especially in this era that is being plagued by the crisis of values, art seems to be the only channel between the reason and the emotion.  That’s why I am using the colors, the paintbrushes and the canvas. I aim at showing my world, a world full of light, where the human is the center, the key ingredient of our society, a society that imposes roles and masks in order to survive a situation that even thought is seems like a prison, the human has the power of responding and solving the problem like Andre Breton use to say. In a way he will manage to cut the ribbon in this marathon that fate prepared for him. That through the journey to Ithaca he will manage to gaze the most magical sunset through his own storm.

Antonia Mantzouka